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From a passion for cautious shopping comes, a Italian digital magazine that has become a point of reference for all consumers wishing to buy the best household appliances on the market.

What we do

Our team of analysts and editors, each with their own expertise, conducts market research and assesses the products upon testing. We focus on buyers’ needs through the development of unbiased, credible and in-depth content.

The products we recommend offer clear and significant advantages for Italian consumers. Our primary objective is to identify the best household appliances on the market, using the technical specifications of each product as metrics for evaluation and comparison, and within each category we evaluate dozens or even hundreds of products, in order to make a ranking of the best products on the market.

Periodical updates

As products and markets change over time, we periodically update our reviews and product information to make sure they continue to be current. The evaluation of a product may also change over time, depending on the new factors taken into account in our evaluation protocol.

They talk about us

Several publications have shown an interest in our editorial project, among others:

Our thematic additions

In addition to the household appliances sector, we have also developed further product areas:

The creator

Andrea Pilotti, owner of a web marketing agency in Abruzzo, founded in 2007 a Purchase Guide to help Italian consumers make wise choices when buying household appliances and other products.

In 2009, the Order of Journalists of Abruzzo considered it a Public Purchasing Guide, allowing it to be included in the special directory and giving the title of Online Magazine to the project.

Since 27 November 2009 is a registered trademark. Since 2010 it has also been on Facebook.

Guida all'acquisto degli Elettrodomestici
Dal 2007 Guida Acquisti è la rivista consumatori indipendente che ti aiuta scegliere gli elettrodomestici, attraverso classifiche,recensioni e offerte dei migliori prodotti sul mercato.